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    The Westmoor Hall of Fame recognizes students who have excelled in different categories. The Hall of Fame recipients receive their honors at the annual Westmoor Senior Awards Night. Alumni regularly come by the school, ask to see their names on the Hall of Fame, and take photos with their family. It is a great tradition. Over time, the school has added a second board so Westmoor students can continue the tradition to share their skills, talent, motivation, and good work with our school community. Westmoor's traditions of honoring deserving students are multi-faceted, and the Westmoor Hall of Fame is just one of the many ways our students are recognized for their achievements. To browse through Westmoor's Hall of Fame, click on one of the images below or the text at the bottom.

    1965-2013  2014-present

    Westmoor's Hall of Fame Year List