Staff Email Directory

  • Staff Member Title Location Email  
    Beshirs, Mark Principal of Adult School and Adult Transition  District Office  
    Carney, Rosalind Administrative Assistant to the Principal District Office  
    South, Anita Registrar District Office  
    Mancillas, Peter TOSA District Office  

    Staff Member Department Location Email  
    Brust, Mike Office Assistant District Office  
    Cantrell, Troy EL - Beginning High (PM) District Office  
    Corliss, Ruth EL - Multi-Level Our Second Home  
    Gomez-Lecaro, Maria Elena EL - Online Teacher Online  
    Hall, Jonah EL/Citizenship Online & District Office (Wednesday Only)  
    Hendricks, Jill  Band  District Office  
    Holloway, Tricia EL - Basic  District Office  
    Imanowski, Tino EL - Beginning Low  Jefferson High School  
    Jesse, Andrea EL/Citizenship District Office  
    Levine, John  Wood Skills Westmoor High School  
    Lazalde, Francisco GED en Español (PM and Saturday)  District Office  
    McCauley, Victoria  EL - Beginning Low District Office  
    Nguyen, Lieu EL - Multi-Level War Memorial  
    Pillazar, Francisca  EL - Basic  District Office  
    Ramos, Ana Maria EL - Beginning High Jefferson High School  
    Ramos, Pedro EL - Beginning High District Office  
    Reafleng, John (JR) Spanish Jefferson High School  
    Ruffalo, Marc EL - Multi Level District Office  
    Rustia, Robert GED District Office  
    Salguero, Eric EL - Online Teacher Online  
    Santamaria, Marc EL - Basic (Monday & Tuesday) Jefferson High School  
    Shegoian, Sharilyn Ceramics Westmoor High School  
    Solanoy, Joe Intro to Cmptr. Skills Westmoor High School  
    Wittig, Audrey EL - Intermediate District Office  
    Wong, Amy  GED/HSD District Office  
    Yuzbash, Irada EL - Intermediate (PM) Jefferson High School  

    Staff Member Title Location Email  
    Aguilera, Priscilla Assessment Technician I District Office  
    Ceja, Erica  Evening Receptionist  Jefferson High School  
    Dragon, Elizabeth Assessment Technician II  District Office    
    Eva, Twyla Transition Navigator District Office    
    Lee, Lisa School Counselor / Evening Receptionist District Office  
    Lindell, Tajo Campus Security District Office  
    Nelson, Heather  School Clerk District Office  
    Ott, Michaela Assesment Technician III Jefferson High School  
    Rollin, Virginia School Office Assistant District Office