• Westmoor's Vision Statement

    Our students become respectful, ambitious, motivated and self-directed learners upon graduation.


    Westmoor's Mission Statement reflects our strong commitment to honoring diversity, integration of technology, and providing opportunities for success in academia and beyond and states:

    "It is the mission of Westmoor High School to address the diverse educational needs of our students. Westmoor is committed to the integration of technology and a variety of teaching strategies to engage the whole child and prepare students for success in advanced study and employment." 


      About The School  





    Westmoor High School is a large, comprehensive, and diverse public school of approximately 1,729 students. Westmoor High School is located in western Daly City just blocks from the Pacific Ocean and situated on an expansive 66-acre campus. Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) with a "6-Clear" accreditation term--the most desirable term granted by WASC--Westmoor High School offers its students a selection of courses hailed for its breadth and depth, a healthy school environment, a dedicated community of teachers and counselors, and a professional support staff so they can effectively pursue their academic and professional goals. In 2009, the California Department of Education honored Westmoor by bestowing the school with the California Distinguished ­School award.




    Schoolwide Learner Outcome (SLO) 

    Students will be able to:

    • communicate effectively 
    • think critically 
    • develop technology skills
    • work collaboratively and cooperatively 
    • possess the essential knowledge and skills for college and career


    In support of the Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Student Learner Outcomes, Westmoor provides students with a diverse array of courses and curricular offerings so they can successfully attain the ideals contained therein. In this connection, Westmoor offers courses in a broad range of subject areas--from Chorus and Advanced Theater Arts to Web Design and Advanced Foods & Nutrition, from Wood Technology and Introduction to Technical Engineering to Advanced Placement Studio Art. Because of strong demand from our students, we have recently added a second section of Advanced Placement Calculus, a section of Advanced Placement Spanish, a new section of Advanced Placement Psychology, and an Environmental Science course. Westmoor has a cadre of sixteen Advanced Placement and Enriched courses for students, a well-designed English Language Development program, a thriving Career Technical Education program with Home Economics, Business, and Vocational Arts components, and a plethora of UC/CSU-approved courses.




    Why Choose Westmoor?

    • Student achievement reflects ideals in Vision/Mission Statements/ESLRs

    • Impressive passage rate on CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam)

    • API ranking of 8 (out of 10)

    • High admission rate to Ivy league schools and elite private universities

    • Only school in district that closes enrollment due to demand for seats

    • Obtains many scholarships from Chamber of Commerce Scholarship program

    • Cafeteria size doubled in 2009

    • New Giammona Pool Center in 2010

    • Solar panels installed to reduce schools carbon footprint

    • Additional buildings to be added include: (in progress)

      • New Library

      • Additional chemistry lab

      • World Languages Lab

      • 4 new classrooms