• Westmoor's Vision Statement reflects our school community's core values and states:

    "At Westmoor High School we develop lifelong learners who possess a healthy sense of self, strong social skills, and a mastery of critical thinking and problem solving skills. Westmoor students contribute positively to our ever-changing global society"


    Westmoor's Mission Statement reflects our strong commitment to honoring diversity, integration of technology, and providing opportunities for success in academia and beyond and states:

    "It is the mission of Westmoor High School to address the diverse educational needs of our students. Westmoor is committed to the integration of technology and a variety of teaching strategies to engage the whole child and prepare students for success in advanced study and employment. Our students become learned, productive, and compassionate citizens."


      About The School  





    Westmoor High School is a large, comprehensive, and diverse public school of approximately 1,729 students. Westmoor High School is located in western Daly City just blocks from the Pacific Ocean and situated on an expansive 66-acre campus. Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) with a "6-Clear" accreditation term--the most desirable term granted by WASC--Westmoor High School offers its students a selection of courses hailed for its breadth and depth, a healthy school environment, a dedicated community of teachers and counselors, and a professional support staff so they can effectively pursue their academic and professional goals. In 2009, the California Department of Education honored Westmoor by bestowing the school with the California Distinguished ­School award.






    During the discussion sessions for the making of the ESLR’s questions such as “What inspires students to a life of academic and professional achievement and merit?” and “What are some challenges students face in today's 21st century economic and socio-cultural realities?” were asked. The results of the conversations from the sessions are captured in Westmoor's Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and ESLRs.

    Westmoor's Expected School-Wide Learner Results (ESLRs) focus on five areas:

    1. General Knowledge and Skills--Students possess the essential knowledge and skills of the academic content required for graduation and success in advanced study and employment.

    2. Communication--Students communicate effectively in academic English.

    3. Learning, Thinking, and Application--Students learn from a variety of sources, improve their thinking skills, and apply those skills through analysis and problem-solving.

    4. Cooperation, Diversity, and Collaboration--Students work collaboratively and cooperatively within a team of diverse members.

    5. Responsibility, Work Habits, and Self-Management--Students demonstrate the behaviors, work habits, organization skills, and self-management strategies necessary for responsible adult life and fulfilling employment.

    In support of the Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and ESLRs, Westmoor provides students with a diverse array of courses and curricular offerings so they can successfully attain the ideals contained therein. In this connection, Westmoor offers courses in a broad range of subject areas--from Chorus and Advanced Theater Arts to Web Design and Advanced Foods & Nutrition, from Wood Technology and Introduction to Technical Engineering to Advanced Placement Studio Art. Because of strong demand from our students, we have recently added a second section of Advanced Placement Calculus, a section of Advanced Placement Spanish, a new section of Advanced Placement Psychology, and an Environmental Science course. Westmoor has a cadre of sixteen Advanced Placement and Enriched courses for students, a well-designed English Language Development program, a thriving Career Technical Education program with Home Economics, Business, and Vocational Arts components, and a plethora of UC/CSU-approved courses.




    Why Choose Westmoor?

    • Student achievement reflects ideals in Vision/Mission Statements/ESLRs

    • Impressive passage rate on CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam)

    • API ranking of 8 (out of 10)

    • High admission rate to Ivy league schools and elite private universities

    • Only school in district that closes enrollment due to demand for seats

    • Obtains many scholarships from Chamber of Commerce Scholarship program

    • Cafeteria size doubled in 2009

    • New Giammona Pool Center in 2010

    • Solar panels installed to reduce schools carbon footprint

    • Additional buildings to be added include: (in progress)

      • New Library

      • Additional chemistry lab

      • World Languages Lab

      • 4 new classrooms