Student clubs allow students to pursue, explore and share interests with other like-minded

  • Learn about our student driven clubs.

    How do students join a club?

    Students can join a club by signing up at club day at the beginning of the school year or simply showing up to a meeting.

    Can you join at any time during the school year?

    All clubs are open to all students year round. This allows students join, change or participate in multiple clubs that meet on the same days. For example, if the Mock Trail Club and the Weightlfting Club meets every Tuesday, one week a student will attend one and the next week they will attend the other.

    When do clubs meet?

    Most clubs meet weekly or biweekly during the lunch period in the advisors classroom. Some clubs, like mock trial, do have off site activities from time to time but regular meetings are always on campus.

2022-2023 TN Club List

  • Club Name Staff Advisor Student President Meeting Info Mission
    Anime Club Mr. Ngo Napoleon Calimlim Tuesday & Thursdays @ Lunch               Room M204 Our mission is to connect students through their affinity for Anime and introduce students to a new medium of expression.
    Asian Club Ms. Gutierez Wilson Tran Tuesdays @ Lunch Room M203 Asian club provides a safe place for all students to increase knowledge and appreciate the diversity of Asian cultures.
    Black Student Union Mrs. Scarbrough Caprice Robinson Tuesdays @ Lunch      Art Room BSU aims to take active measures to enrich, educate and build awareness around advocacy and being a black student in today's society.
    Block TN Society Mr. Cullen   At the end of each athletic season @ Lunch, Room N204 Block TN Society is made up of TN students past & present who embody the character, commitment & pride of a true Tiger through their involvement in sports and activities.
    Body Improvement Mr. Karkazis John Azevedo Tuesdays @ Lunch Room A305 The Body Improvement Club gives others a space and the opportunity to pursue a happier, healthier version of themselves.
    Book Club Mr. Chaparro Ava Crotti Mondays @ Lunch Room A318 TN Book Club creates a community where readers of all kinds can come together to read and discuss novels as a group.
    Breakfast Club Mrs. Karkazis Sophia Escobar Before school        Room B331 Breakfast club is a safe morning space to vent and talk about global issues.
    California Scholarship Federation Mrs. Christensen   Once a Semester         @ Lunch                   Room A208 The California Scholarship Federation uses specific course study requirements that recognize students for their academic rigor and achievements working toward receiving recognition at graduation.
    Chess Club Mr. Carothers Henrique Greghi Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays    @ Lunch              Ceramics Studio Chess club is where students can learn the game of chess and improve their playing skills through friendly competition.
    Cheer Club/Team Ms. Fil    Gabe Lanier Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays  after school                  in the Cafeteria Cheer promotes & upholds school spirit to help develop a sense of good sportsmanship among students while improving school morale.
    Dance Club/Team Ms. Fil      Jayna Guevara Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays, after school                  in the cafeteria  The Dance Team creates a unique and democratic space for open-minded students who share an interest in dance and choreographing performances for the school.
    Drama Club Mr. Schnieder Paige Miller Thursdays @ Lunch Drama Room Drama Club aims to foster creativity at the school through fun activities like improving games and supporting drama productions and field trips.
    Environmental Restoration Club Ms. Manlangit Kiana Meyer and Dane Potter Tuesdays & Thursdays @ Lunch Tues: N207 Thurs: Garden Our goal is to restore the Terra Nova gardens and help to make TN a more environmentally friendly community.
    Film Club Mr. Schnieder Demaris Edwards Fridays @ Lunch/Afterschool Drama Room Aims to educate and excite students about different forms of independent cinema and theater and have meaningful conversations about films.
    Friends Club Ms. Mo Ms. Daria   Fridays @ Lunch/Afterschool Room BK1/2 Friends club creates a platform for authentic community-based learning with students with a variety of learning abilities.
    Gamers Club Mr. Napoli Sam Elkin  Mondays - Fridays      @ Lunch                Room N206 To provide a safe space to entertain TN students by playing a variety of games.
    Global Zero (formerly, Beyond the Bomb) Mr. Willemse Joshua Escobar Tuesdays @ Lunch Room A304 Global Zero aims to empower the next generation of anti-nuclear activists.
    Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Ms. Zeidler Sam Griestins Tuesdays @ Lunch Room B310 The GSA aims to create a space for LBGTQ students to find support and community.
    Guitar Club Ms. Fil      Julian Jackson Tuesdays @ Lunch Room A303 Guitar Club gives students a space to practice, learn and listen to guitar and other musical instruments.
    LatinX Club Mr. Sanchez Mellieha Gomez Fridays Bi-weekly @ Lunch Room N208 Create a safe environment for all ethnic backgrounds to share and expose students to the Latin Culture.
    Mock Trial Mrs. Jenkins Lauren Ryan Fridays @ Lunch    Room B329 Mock Trail aims to foster an interest in both the law and the San Mateo County mock trail competition.
    Ski/Snowboard/Surf Club Mr. Vilchez Sasha Ebinger Mondays @ Lunch Room A315 Our club's purpose is to teach and learn about skiing/ snowboarding/ surfing by sharing techniques and places with fellow students that are also interested in these sports.
    Students In Action Mrs. Jenkins Ellen Rubinshteyn Tuesday @ Lunch Room A328 Students in Action seeks to support Terra Nova and the Community at large through service to others.
    Surf Rider Club Ms. Fil      Hailey Ward Mondays @ Lunch Room A303 The Surf Rider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's oceans, waves and beaches for all people, through a powerful activist network.
    Tiger News Network Mrs. Karkazis Xiaolan Bisson-Yang Wednesdays @ Lunch  Fridays: After school      Room A319 TNN's goal is to provide broadcasts as a simple way for the school and the community as a whole to receive knowledge of what is happening around TN and Pacifica, while learning about all the tasks involved with producing a quality newscast.
    Water Polo Club Mr. Vilchez Jordan Arnaudo Tuesdays & Thursdays @ After school on the pool deck Our goal is to get more students interested and excited about getting involved in water sports at TN.
    Women in Stem Club Ms. Schroeder Grabriela Dyogi Mondays @ Lunch Room M204 Our club is dedicated to advocating for equality and interest in STEM fields for women at TN.
    Women’s Advocacy Club Ms. Meskin Lauren Ryan  Thursdays @ Lunch Room B325 WAC is committed to providing support, empowerment and education to students by fostering a safe and healthy environment for women to be given a seat at the table wherever decisions are being made. Our goal is to create a culture on campus that values and respects the voices of women at TN.