• Westmoor Associated Student Body

    Westmoor Vision

    At Westmoor High School we develop lifelong learners who possess a healthy sense of self, strong social skills, and a mastery of critical thinking and problem solving skills. Westmoor students contribute positively to our ever-changing global society.

    Student Government Mission

    Westmoor High School's ASB is a school-wide leadership group that strives to unify students positively and productively by planning school activities, encouraging student participation, and building school spirit, making high school a positive experience for all.

    ASB Vision Statement

    To stand as leaders and have a positive impact in our school creating a culture of inclusion.


    Student Government is comprised of 60+ students who seek to be a greater part of their school's culture through implementing their visions and ideas into action for the betterment of the student body. Leadership-Student Government is a class offered at Westmoor that allows students who want to make a school-wide difference and become "culture creators". 

    At the head of the program is the ASB's executive board, which is made up of 16 voting members, each with unique duties to the overall organization.

    "Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other"

    - John F. Kennedy

    Name Position

    Omar Shatrat 


    Kristie Woo

    Vice President

    Natasha Siapno


    Belle Zhao


    Yi Jen (Emily) Chen


    Emily Chee and Raymond Rapada

    Rally Commissioners

    Hay Thi

    Clubs Commissioner

    Dominick Yu

    Publicity Commissioner

    Angela Chin

    Social Media Commissioner

    Khalid Shatrat

    Sports Commissioner

    Jessica Win


    Andrew Pak and Lorraine Li

    President and Secretary: Class of 2017

    Samuel Wong and Megan Chiu

    President and Secretary: Class of 2018

    Lorna Louie and Janielle Flordeliza

    President and Secretary: Class of 2019

    Audrey Degon and Patricia Mae Sumang

    President and Secretary: Class of 2020
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    For more information on the roles and responsibilities of the Westmoor Associated Student Body, or more on the activities that ASB coordinates, email westmoor.asb@gmail.com.

    Follow up on our events and activites through:

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ASB Executive Board Agendas and Minutes