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    Westmoor Music Program

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    Our Mission in any and every Visual and Performing Arts Programs

    Our mission is to provide educational opportunities for all students at Westmoor for the appreciation, understanding, and practice of the arts to establish this as an integral part in our community. Activities and curriculum are designed to fulfill the following five Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards: 1. Artistic Perception 2. Creative Expression 3. Historical and Cultural 4. Aesthetic Valuing 5. Connections, Relationships, Applications Students will develop and improve skills for completing the objectives necessary to be successful in our post-industrial economy. Our Vision To develop artistic skills in each student and a recognition of his or her innate artistic ability.

    What to expect in the WHS music program.

    The WHS music program consists of Band, Chorus, Drumline and Music Leadership all advised under the instruction of Ms. Stewart. Band and Chorus are college level preparation classes that can be chosen through class selection. Drumline and Music Leadership are outer school activities that are provided as extra curricular activities.

    Ms. Stewart

    Photo taken by:Justin Cabrigas