Jefferson Library

Jefferson High School Library Information Center


  • The Jefferson High School Library Information Center-- 
    a quiet space for study, research, or reading.

    M-F 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Contact Us

  • Librarian: Contact to schedule events or classes in the library or library computer lab or to plan library research and class assignments.
    Marilyn Sullivan    x7808    email:
    Library Technician:
    Contact regarding textbooks, teacher’s editions, A/V equipment, and questions about library accounts.
    Conrad Galang  x7810    email:

Library Checkout Policies

  • Library Checkout Policies

    Lending Policy for Students:

    ID Cards: Students must have an ID card or Student ID number to obtain ANY/ALL library services including textbooks.

    Books may be renewed for an additional 3 weeks if another student has not requested the book. Fines for overdue library books are 10 cents per school day, with a maximum fine of $1.50 per overdue book.

    Students are responsible for the care and preservation of all library books checked out to them.  Students will be charged for lost or damaged library books. Fines and payments for library materials are expected before new books are checked out to students. Up to 5 sources may be checked out at one time. 

    Lending Policy for Teachers:

    All library materials must be checked out.

    Due Date: Essentially, materials are checked out for the duration of the school year. But to assist your colleagues, who may need whatever you’re using, please return materials as soon as you’re finished with them.