• Garden Club

    Garden Club will provide members with opportunity to understand and experience the basics of preparing, tending to, and cultivating an urban garden. Members will participate in activities aimed at understanding the benefits of using land for a garden and learning the importance of eating fresh food. Members will be able to use their locally grown ingredients to prepare simple meals. Members will discuss current trends in the local sustainable food market and the benefits of rotational crops.

    “… Every child in this world needs to have a relationship with the land...to know how to nourish themselves...and to know how to connect with the community around them" – Alice Waters.

    Club Adviser: Ms. Flick

    President: Izza Adion

    VP: Kyle Castro

    Secretary: Marcelina Guerzon

    Treasurer: Thiago Vilarnho

    Club Meeting Times: Tuesdays after school in E126 or the Garden area/ after school for planting and special projects (Fridays= watering!)