Enrollment Procedures

  • The Jefferson Union High School District maintains an open enrollment policy. This policy gives students the opportunity to choose their school of attendance, provided that the school has not reached its maximum capacity. In the case of maximum enrollment, student’s living within the school’s traditional boundaries will have first priority. Schools in the District include: Jefferson, Oceana, Terra Nova and Westmoor.

    ☐   Three proofs of residence

    ☐   Student’s transcripts/report card from the last school attended 

    ☐   Immunization record 

    • Pertussis (Tdap/DTaP or DTP or Adacel/Boostrix), more commonly known as a Whooping Cough Booster Shot—generally administered at age 7or older)
    • Mantoux (PPD) skin test for tuberculosis or IGRA blood test within the last 12 months (must include the date given, date read and results of the test with signature of the physician or clinic)

    ☐   Individual Education Plan [IEP] or 504 Plan for students with disability (if applicable)

     2017 - 2018 Enrollment 

       2018 - 2019 Enrollment
     Incoming 9th Grade Students from Partner Schools (Bayshore, Brisbane, Jefferson, and Pacifica)
     Incoming 9th and transfer 10th - 12th Grade Students from Private Schools, Non-Partner Schools, and Out of Country