Jefferson Union High School District

699 Serramonte Boulevard, Suite 100 | Daly City, CA 94015

  Transfer Request  to Attend Jefferson Union High School District

1. Parent/guardian must complete an Interdistrict Transfer Form from the Home District. Submit the form to the Home District.
2. Home District will send JUHSD and parent/guardian the Interdistrict Transfer Release letter.
3. Once the parent/guardian receives the Release Letter, the parent/guardian must send JUHSD a copy of the transcript and most current report card.Send withdrawal grades, if available.

                            Transcript/grades should be directed via email, mail or in person to:

Sabina Beltran-Mainieri
699 Serramonte Boulevard Suite 100
Daly City, CA 94015

4. Within seven [7] days, JUHSD will mail an acceptance or denial letter to parent/guardian.
5. If accepted, parent/guardian will complete an online registration form.

    • Parent/guardian will need to go to JUHSD website, click and fill out the “Walk-in Registration” link
    • Upload the following documents:
        • CA Driver’s License, CA Identification Card, or Passport of Parent/Guardian
        • JUHSD Acceptance Letter
        • Immunization Record (with TDAP and Tuberculin Test Results) 
 6. Parent/guardian must contact school site’s Vice-Principal of Administration to schedule an appointment for orientation/intake.
Transfer Request Out of JUHSD or Transfer Request Within Schools at JUHSD

Complete this form to request a transfer to a school either inside or outside of the district.

Inter/Intra District Transfer Permit Request