Regular attendance and punctuality are essential to the success of your student and the entire class.

    If your student is ill and cannot attend, you (the parent or guardian) must notify the school of your student's absence of the first day of the absence before 10:00am. Call the attendance office at 650-550-7683.

    If a call is not made, the student is required to bring a note to the attendance office window before the start of classes on their first day back to school.

    If a student needs to be released for a doctor's appointment, the parent needs to send a note stating the reason for the release and the time the student should be released. If at all possible, all appointments should be made after school.

    If a student is going to be late, he/she must have a note or a phone call from their parent or guardian excusing the tardiness. The student will not be allowed into class late without an excused pass from the attendance office.