How to Report an Absence

  •  Attendance Office:   650-550-7314 

    Oceana places high value on instructional time and therefore students are expected to be punctual for all classes. Teachers and students depend on an uninterrupted classroom experience to best facilitate the learning experience. Students who are consistently absent or tardy are in violation of this norm.

    However, absences do occur and can be excused. To excuse an absence a parent or guardian should notify the school within 24 hours via the Attendance Office at 650-550-7314. If no phone call is received following an absence, the student must report directly to the Attendance Office with a note written and signed by a parent or guardian before admission to class is authorized. Notes must include the following information:
    • Student's full name
    • Parent/Guardian telephone number
    • Specific reason for absence (illness, doctor/dentist appt.)
    • Dates and/or periods absent
    • Signature of parent or legal guardian