P.A.S.E.O. Club

P.A.S.E.O. Club

  • (Updated Friday 4/28/2023)


    April 27.2022.

     Informational Admisions Event


    March 16.2022.

    Mini University Event, organized by the Society of Women Engineers.

    Background music: "Penumbras," by Luis Magallanes



    P.A.S.E.O. Club recomends https://bayareacpr.org/ for CPR training

    2023-2024 P.A.S.E.O. CLUB OFFICERS 

     President: Evelyn Carias

    Vice President: Dahiana Mondragon

    Secretary: John De La Cruz

    Treasurer: Caterin Bautista 

    Public Relations / Events Coordinator: Krisler Cardenas Caceres

    Advisor: Mr. Luis Magallanes, Math Teacher

    Pursuing Academic Success, Education & Organization (P.A.S.E.O.)

    General Meetings: In person, during Lunchtime in Room B206, the first and third Tuesday of each month at lunch.

    Unofficial Meetings: Upon request

    P.A.S.E.O. stands for Pursuing Academic Success, Education & Organization. Follow us on Facebook as Paseo Club or on Instagram at @jhspaseo

    P.A.S.E.O. Club is a non-profit organization within Jefferson High School.

    One of the purposes of P.A.S.E.O. Club is to teach and learn about organizational skills that can help to become an “Event Organizer.” These skills are learned through the participation of members in the organization of educational fieldtrips.

    Another purpose is to provide opportunities to those students interested in the music composition and singing careers, linked with the yearly contest “Festival de La Canción Latinoamericana de California.”

    Among the purposes of P.A.S.E.O. Club is also included the fact that field trips are educational and career related in the fields of: Computer Science, Engineering, Medicine and Health and Law. In addition, P.A.S.E.O. Club assists students to find internships in different careers such as Medicine and Health, Engineering, Computer Sciences, Law & Justice, Car auto, etc.

    After some time without trips because of Covid-19, we finally were able to visit UNITEK COLLEGE on December 2.2021

     Our accomplishments  and Field Trips for school year 2019-2020 were:

    • Internship with SF Attorneys, Immigration Law
    • After school writing workshop to prepare a resume, letter of introduction and letter of resignation, getting ready for Internships.
    • Information about Internships in the fields of Medicine, Engineering and Computer Sciences through Google Classroom.
    • Request of CERT training (Community Emergency response Team) in preparation for earthquakes.

     Field trips to:

    We are planning to continue with the above field trips when it becomes possible, adding a few more. UC Santa Cruz is in our projects.

    PASEO Club welcomes any student, parent, community member and/or teacher, regardless of believes or orientation, as long as participation does not involve activities outside of the law. There is a zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment or any unwelcomed behavior.

    If you want to be added to Google Classroom for a specific career information, please talk to the advisor, Mr. Luis Magallanes in room B206, or E-mail him at lmagallanes@jeffersonunion.net