• Pursuing Academic Success, Education & Organization (P.A.S.E.O.)

    stands for Pursuing Academic Success, Education & Organization. 

    One of the purposes of PASEO Club is to teach and learn about organizational skills that can help to become an “Event Organizer.” These skills are learned through the participation of members in the organization of educational fieldtrips.

    Another purpose is to provide opportunities to those students interested in the music composition and singing careers, linked with the yearly contest “Festival de La Canción Latinoamericana de California.”

    A branch of PASEO Club co-exists at Terra Nova High School. Both branches coordinate events and fieldtrips simultaneously.

    PASEO Club welcomes any student, parent and/or teacher, regardless of believes or orientation, as long as participation does not involve activities outside of the law. There is a zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment or any unwelcomed behavior.