• The following policies can be found in the Terra Nova High School STUDENT HANDBOOK.

    School-Wide Policies

    Attendance Policies

    Classroom Discipline Policies

    Drug and Alcohol Policies

    Dress Code Policy

    Plagiarism Policy

    Suspension and Expulsion Policies



    C.C.R. Title 5, Section 307 states that a pupil may be detained for no more than one hour. Detentions at Terra Nova last for a half-hour. Students may serve detention before or after school. Occasionally, the administration will schedule an hour-long detention on Fridays for repeat offenses or serious violations that might not warrant a suspension; this is called Friday School. Students who fail to serve detentions will be placed on the non-participation list until they have made arrangements with the Vice Principal or the Dean of Students.  Detention Hours are as follows:


    Morning Detention Hours

    Monday – Friday

    7:20 a.m. to 7:50 a.m.


    Afternoon Detention Hours

    Monday – Friday

    3:10 p.m. to 3:40 p.m.


    All Students with UNEXCUSED TARDIES and UNEXCUSED ABCENCES will serve detention.

    Students have TWO days in which to serve once they are assigned the detention. 


    Those students who do not serve detention within the allotted time will be given Friday School.




    Ms. Hensley, Dean of Students



    Non Participation List

    Extracurricular activities are privileges. Violation of school policies and California Education Code may result in a student being added to the non-participation list. Students on the non-participation list may not participate in any sport, theater, band, or club activity, neither may they attend any school sponsored event including rallies, athletic events, dances, etc. Inclusion on the non-participation list is temporary (unless placement on the list results from a second violation of the school’s drug and alcohol policy).


    Classroom Discipline Policy

    Students who are sent out of class for disciplinary reasons will be subject to the following consequences enforced by faculty and administration.  Upon sending students out of class, faculty will notify the Vice Principal of Administration and Dean of Students in order to properly document and follow through with disciplinary actions.  Consequences for discipline violations may range from after school detention to off-campus suspension.