• Dear Students and Families of the Freshman Class of 2018,

    Welcome to Oceana! We are very excited to meet you in August for orientation and the beginning of our journey together in Humanities. Until then, we would like you to take some time this summer to exercise your reading, critical thinking and writing skills by completing two assignments:

    1. Read the 9/10 House Handbook. The 9/10 House Handbook is your opportunity to get to know the skills, expectations, and norms we have in the 9/10 House.
    2. Write an introductory letter about yourself. Click here to see assignment to write your four paragraph letter.  We are excited to learn about you and want you to be as honest with yourself and us as possible. Use what you learn in the 9/10 Handbook to help you write the third paragraph of your letter (your expectations for yourself at Oceana).

    Your assignment is due on the first day of school, Thursday, August 9th, in your Humanities class. Please start your year off right and show your teachers how responsible you can be. If you find that any part of the assignment is unclear or too challenging, please write us a typed letter explaining your questions and concerns, and turn this in along with the parts of the assignment that you are able to complete.


    The Humanities 9 Teaching Team