• Academic Honesty Policy

    (Adopted 11/12/2003)

    Because of the importance we place on intellectual honesty and integrity, the following policy has been adopted by Oceana High School.

    Plagiarism is taking another person's idea, expression, or writing and passing it off as your own. Plagiarism can include: copying from a book, a web site, or another person; quoting from a book, a web site, or another person and not citing the source; and paraphrasing an idea from a book, a web site, or another person and not citing the source.

    Plagiarism is stealing. It can get you expelled from college, fired from your job, and make you subject to civil suit.

    It is your responsibility to avoid plagiarism. You must acknowledge (cite) the source of every quote, phrase, or idea that is not your own. Make sure that you know how and when to cite your sources. Be prepared to produce the original source if you are asked to.

    The consequences for plagiarism at OHS are:

    1. Minor offenses will be resolved between the student and teacher.

    2. In every serious case of plagiarism--

    • The teacher will report the offense to the Administration, who will note the offense in the student's discipline record.
    • The student will earn a zero for the assignment in question (with no opportunity to revisit).
    • The student's parent(s) or guardian(s) will be notified by the teacher.

    3. Second and subsequent offenses may result in suspension from the class, suspension from the school, and/or a reduced or failing semester grade in the class. The teacher and the school administration will determine these consequences. In every case, a parent conference will be required.