• Advanced Placement and Enrichment Programs


    Advanced Placement Courses

    Oceana currently offers these Adavance placement courses for 11th and 12th graders. For more information, visit the College Board's website.

    • Chemistry
    • Calculus
    • United States History
    • Government
    • English Literature (11th grade)
    • English Language (12th grade


    2015-2016 dates, times, locations to be announced

    Enriched is an after-school program for 9th and 10th graders. The goal is to provide extra instruction to prepare students for the Advanced Placement English and History courses in their junior and senior years. The classes are an excellent program for students who want more challenges and who are ready for more academic work.  

    Students must complete the entire year's program to earn Enriched credit on their transcript. There is one English and one history course for 9th grade, and there are two English courses and two History courses during the year for 10th grade. Students are also given the chance to take a Biology Enriched course in the 10th grade during the spring semester. Each course is approximately four consecutive weeks, for one hour per week. Students must attend all the classes and complete all the homework on time. No late work will be accepted. Students who miss a class without contacting the teacher or who do not complete their homework on time will no longer be allowed in the class. It is a strict policy, but it is another way for students to prepare for the rigor of the more advanced classes in their later years at Oceana. 

    The program is open to all freshman and sophomore students, but students who are struggling in their current classes are not encouraged to take part. Students do not need to sign up for Enriched; they just need to go to the first class.