• Here are some of the Interims we've offered :

    African Dance and Martial Arts: Capoeira A Cultural Experience
    Amazing Race
    American Archeology of the Southwest 
    American Sign-Language 
    Architectural History, Design, and Styles 
    Art in the Bay Area 
    Artist Studio 
    Artist Studio (Mural Painting) 
    Artists' Studio (Fine and Low-Brow Art D'Elegance)
    A Week of GLEE
    Awesome Art
    Awesome Art, Artist Studio, Murals, BAM
    Backpacking for Beginners
    BAM, Inc.
    Barcelona, Paris & London 
    Biking in the Bay Area (Coed) 
    Cake Decorating
    Camping and Hiking in Pinnacles
    Camping in the Marin Headlands
    Capoeira:  An African and Brazilian Form of Martial Arts 
    Cemetery Investigation 
    Close-up Washington DC 
    Community Television Production 
    Computer Art (Digital Imaging)
    Cooking of the World
    Creative Video Production
    Cultural Insights Through World Cinema
    Cultures of San Francisco, The 
    Dance:  “Get Me Bodied” 
    Design and Build a Climbing Wall 
    Dijeridoo Workshop 
    Driver Education 
    Electronic Circuits 
    Engineering – Robotics 
    Environ Ed & Exploration 
    Escape from Alcatraz 
    Ethnic Studies
    Experiencing San Francisco 
    Exploring Japan
    Exploring San Francisco 
    Exploring San Francisco (Historical and Tourist Attractions) 
    Fabric Arts 
    Fast Track Career Counseling 
    Fiesta of Film, Food, and Fun
    Film Analysis 
    Film Analysis “The 80’s”
    Film Noir – A Window Into the Darkness 
    Football – History of Touch Football 
    French Language and Culture
    French Language/Culture (2010)
    Fundamental Roles in Basketball (2007)
    Games of Strategy (1999)
    Geometry in Art and Nature (2006)
    Getting to Know the REAL Bay Area (2012)
    Go Fly a Kite (2004)
    Habitat for Humanity (1999)
    Hiking and Camping in Big Basin State Park (1998)
    Hiking and Camping in the Pinnacles
    Hiking, Biking and the Beach (1999)
    Hiking, Biking Exploration (2002)
    Hiking, the Beach, and Being Active (2000)
    Hip Hop Music of the 80s and Early 90s (2004)
    How Do You Picture the Story of San Francisco? 
    Introduction to French Language, Culture, and Cinema 
    Introduction to Kayaking 
    Introduction to Self Defense and Tae Kwon Do 
    Jewelry and Crafts
    Job Shadowing - Career Education 
    Kite Technology and Geometry 
    Labyrinths and Mazes 
    Learning to Swim 
    Life on a Farm 
    Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous 
    London, Paris, and Rome - Interim to Europe 
    Los Angeles Highlights 
    Making an Album 
    Media Literacy
    Model Airplane Building & Flying
    Musical Theater 
    Native American Archeology of the Southwest 
    Native American Studies
    Nature, Fitness and Sports Challenge 
    Outdoor Education
    Outdoors Adventure 
    Paris by the Bay 
    Paris to the Mediterranean
    Photographing San Francisco 
    Photography, Darkroom, and Scrapbooking
    Pie Ranch
    Playing the Guitar
    Poetry High Exploring and Creating Spoken Word Poetry )
    Powerful Youth 
    Protactics: Building Prosocial Behavior 
    PSA (Public Service Announcement) Writing and Production 
    Public Art & Studio Art 
    Public Art in San Francisco and Pacifica 
    Putting on a Play 
    Quick and Dirty Web Publishing
    Rafting on the American River 
    Romantic Europe
    San Francisco Tourist (A Compare and Contrast) 
    Science Museums 
    Science Museums of the Bay Area 
    Screen Writing and Movie Making 
    Secrets of the Rain Forest and other Biotech Lab Work
    Shall We Dance?
    Silk Screening
    Sojourn to the Past 
    Space: History, Mystery, and Reality
    Sports, Having Fun, and Being Active \)
    Street Art: Murals of Los Angeles de California 
    Stress Reduction 
    Survival of the Fittest
    Swimming, Diving, and Water Games 
    Three Capitals:  Rome, Paris, London
    Touch Football
    Triathlon Training & Water Sports 
    Up and About in London and Paris 
    Urban Hiking 
    Urban Issues and Social Change 
    Visiting Bay Area Colleges 
    Visiting Places in the Bay Area 
    Web Animation with Adobe Flash 
    Weight Training 
    Weight Training and Nutrition 
    Weight Training/Bigger Faster Stronger
    Women’s Studies
    World of Cooking – Asia
    World of Cooking 
    Yin and Yang Workout
    Yoga and Meditation