• Interim Week at Oceana High School


    Interim Week is an experiential and exploratory opportunity for student growth beyond one's usual class schedule.  It includes opportunities for community building and creates a sense of belonging.  Courses accomplish these goals by working towards some of the following learning outcomes:


    • Learning or improving a skill

    • Exploring a place off-campus

    • Being artistic and creative

    • Exploring potential passions and readying 

    • oneself for college and/or career

    • Exposure to a new culture

    • Building self-confidence

    • Stepping outside one's comfort zone

    • Creating a collective project

    • Working together toward a group goal

    • Having an exciting and/or challenging shared experience with their peers

    A diverse range of courses will be offered.  Student input will be gathered at the beginning of the school year with the aim of matching students' interests with staff members' interests and skill sets and taking into consideration financial feasibility, possible professional/community instructors, and equitable planning and preparation time for staff members.


    2023-2024 Interim Course Descriptions