• Faculty and Staff Wish Lists

    Adam Weiss
    Amazon.com gift cards for purchasing books & AV equipment/supplies, etc. 
    Flash drives (new or used) 
    Paperback fiction 
    Facial tissue
    Digital Cameras (for Yearbook & Interim)
    Film Cameras (for Interim)
    Graham Cruickshank 
    "Hello My Name Is" labels
    Facial tissues
    Blue painter's tape (1/2”, ¾” or 1”)
    Paper clips
    Black, gray, green duct tape
    (Blue) Shop Towels (heavy-weight paper towels from a hardware shop)
    White glue (larger bottles)
    1 Gallon zip-lock bags
    Front Office
    Facial tissues
    Erin Peters
    Facial tissue
    Binder paper (college ruled)
    Paul Orth
    (5) goose neck lamps, 40 – 100 watt compatible
    Art supplies- markers thick and thin
    Facial tissues
    “Green“desk and table cleaner 
    20 transparent metric rulers
    Creative science-related self inked stamps  (animals, flowers, planets etc.)
    Stephanie Sotomayor
    Facial tissues
    Stephanie Schaudel 

    Construction Paper
    Facial tissues

    Plants that do well in low light

    Thin colored paper (on large roll)
    Scotch tape

    Poetry anthologies

    Facial Tissues
    Backpacks (used are fine, but in good condition)

    Granola bars (for hungry students)

    Astrobright laser paper (assorted colors)

    Art supplies (markers, colored pencils, paper, etc.)
    Target gift cards
    Carina Finucane
    Expo dry erase markers
    Facial tissues
    Paper Mate felt tip pens
    Fruit snacks/nutrition bars
    Popsicle sticks
    Helen Schubert
    Pencil tip erasers
    Mechanical pencils
    Large bottle of hand sanitizer
    Facial tissues
    Multi-pack of disinfecting wipes (Clorox or Lysol or similar) Got 'em! Thanks!
    6 surge protectors with 4-6 plugs each
    Kitchen-sized refrigerator (new or in very good condition) Got one! Thanks!
    Leigh Poehler
    Facial Tissues
    Index cards
    Binder paper
    Gift cards to Michael's, Target, or Amazon to buy art supplies for big projects
    Floor lamps (used is fine!)
    Fidget toys to help students focus (squeeze balls, tangles, etc)  (Click here for examples)


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