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     Open 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM
    Monday through Friday
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    The Westmoor  Library is a fully functional library with numerous working computers, internet access, wide range of books, and printing and copying equipment.

    Additional Resources

     Brainfuse      Daly City Library      Follett Destiny
    Brainfuse offers on demand       The site provides access       This is a search catalog for the  
    help with homework, foreign      to the Daly City Library.          Jefferson Union District school
    language, adult education,        This can help you when          libraries. There are many 
    and some personalized              you are looking for                   parameters to narrow your 
    learning tools.                               information, preparing            search.
                                                             to take a civil service exam, 
                                                             starting a business, writing
                                                             a will, doing a project, or
                                                             if you are just curious
                                                             about something.