• Dear Westmoor Learning Community,

    It is with a heavy heart that I announce that I have elected to retire beginning July 1st.

    As most of you may know, I love Westmoor.  I love the school because of the community.  I love the school because of the diversity.  I love Westmoor because of the college bound culture and the challenges and demands that come with that culture. I love Westmoor because of the caring, warm dedicated professional staff members that come to work each day to help kids achieve.

    I have cherished and continue to cherish the rewards that come with being the Westmoor Principal.  I can’t remember a time, in my over twenty years of teaching and leading in schools, that I have had this much profound love and happiness for the work we do; seeing the smile on a child’s face when she shows me the grade she received on a paper she cared about; seeing the smile on student faces when they tell me how they tried a random act of kindness and did something good for someone less fortunate; seeing the smile on their faces when they tell me they are excited about the college they got into or the branch of service they enlisted in or the trade school or art school that has accepted them.

    I am proud of the work we have accomplished during my leadership. We have assembled teams of students, parents, teachers and staff to make sure that communication flows in all directions.  In our communication forums, we have agreed to disagree and have respected each other’s opinion in times we did not disagree.  We take risks, use innovation and employ many tactics to address challenges or concerns.  Westmoor – was the school I could only dream of serving in during my career – and that dream came true.

    Thank you for your support and kind words you have shared with me while I have been principal.  Thank you for the patience while I learned the Westmoor way.  Most importantly, thank you for trusting in my leadership and for allowing me to serve your children.


    Mr. Thomas Orput


    Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

    All Students communicate effectively orally and in writing using academic language.
    All Students think critically and answer complex questions using multiple sources of information to develop an analytical response.
    All Students develop technology skills to be successful in the 21st century work environment.
    All Students work collaboratively and cooperatively within a team of diverse members.
    All Students possess the essential knowledge and skills of the academic content required for graduation and success in advanced study and employment.