• Dear JUHSD Employees,

    The Board of Trustees believes that providing clear communication to staff is essential to establishing a professional, positive work environment and enhancing job performance.  As such, Board Policy 4112.9 requires that the following information and notifications be communicated to and reviewed by all employees on an annual basis. 

    Annual Notifications

    1. Blood Bourne Pathogens
    2. Child Abuse Reporting
    3. Code of Ethics – Classified or Certificated
    4. Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
    5. Employee Leaves
    6. Employee Acceptable Use Policy
    7. Fees and Charges
    8. Hazardous Substances
    9. Nondiscrimination in Employment
    10. Oath or Affirmation
    11. Reasonable Accommodations
    12. Sexual Harassment
    13. Uniform Complaints
    14. Work Related Injuries

    Please review each of the document links below.

    Please print and sign a copy of the signature page and return it to your site/department supervisor or administrative assistant. 

    If you have any questions regarding these notifications, please reach out to the Associate Superintendent of HR and Staff Relations.