School Plan for Student Achievement

  • The School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) is a strategic plan that maximizes the resources available to the school while minimizing duplication of effort with the ultimate goal of increasing student achievement. SPSA development should be aligned with and inform the Local Control and Accountability Plan process.

    The SPSA consolidates all school-level planning efforts into one plan for programs funded through the consolidated application (ConApp), and for federal school improvement programs, including schoolwide programs, Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI), Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI), and Additional Targeted Support and Improvement (ATSI), pursuant to California Education Code (EC) Section 64001 and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). This template is designed to meet schoolwide program planning requirements. It also notes how to meet CSI, TSI, or ATSI requirements, as applicable.

    California’s ESSA State Plan supports the state’s approach to improving student group performance through the utilization of federal resources. Schools use the SPSA to document their approach to maximizing the impact of federal investments in support of underserved students. The implementation of ESSA in California presents an opportunity for schools to innovate with their federally-funded programs and align them with the priority goals of the school and the LEA that are being realized under the state’s Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF).

    The LCFF provides schools and LEAs flexibility to design programs and provide services that meet the needs of students in order to achieve readiness for college, career, and lifelong learning. The SPSA planning process supports continuous cycles of action, reflection, and improvement. Consistent with EC 65001, the Schoolsite Council (SSC) is required to develop and annually review the SPSA, establish an annual budget, and make modifications to the plan that reflect changing needs and priorities, as applicable.

  • Jefferson High School
  • Oceana High School
  • Terra Nova High School
  • Thornton High School
  • Westmoor High School