• Transcripts

    Jefferson High School Alumni and Former Students

    Note to parents/guardians: Once a student turns 18 years of age, the request must include the student's signature in order to release their records. The parent/guardian's signature is not sufficient.

    To order a copy (or copies) of your transcript:

    1. Click on the link to download the Transcript Request form
    2. Print, complete, and sign the form and submit it in person or by mail to JHS ATTN: Transcripts, 6996 Mission Street, Daly City CA. , 94014. (To submit by fax, see below.)
    3. The fee is $5 for each copy ordered, whether official or unofficial, faxed or mailed. Please include money order payable to JHS in the amount of $5 per transcript copy ordered when you mail your request.

    The $5 fee does not apply if you are a non-graduate returning to school to complete your High School Diploma or GED.

    We aim to process all transcript requests within 5-10 business days, or about one week, from the time they are received.


    To submit your Transcript Request form by fax:
    You may submit your Transcript Request form by fax, but you must submit the transcript fee by mail or in person. We cannot accept credit cards/debit cards. We will not wait for your payment to arrive to process your request, so long as you indicate on your faxed request that payment will follow by mail. There are three options for making payment on a faxed request:

    1. You may fax your request, and then send your original request form with your money order by mail. Please note on your faxed request that you will be sending payment by mail.
    2. A friend or relative who lives locally may come to JHS to make payment. The person should explain that he/she is only paying for the transcript and that your signed Transcript Request form has been faxed.
    3. If you plan to pick up your transcript, you may fax your request and pay with cash or money order on pickup.

    Fax transcript requests to 650-9925628.

    If someone other than yourself - parent/guardian, friend, military recruiter, etc. - will be picking up your transcript:


    Employers Seeking Education Verification

    Employers seeking education verification should submit the request in writing with signature authorization from the student. No fee applies for this service. Requests may be sent by fax to 650-992-5628, ATTN: Registrar.
    Education verification requests MUST include the following information:

    1. Full name of the student at the time of graduation
    2. Date of birth of the student, including day and year
    3. School of graduation/last high school attended in our district
    4. Date of graduation, if available (only if student indicated this; please do not guess)


    Colleges/Universities Ordering Transcripts on Behalf of Students

    Transcript requests must be submitted in writing with signature authorization from the student. There is a fee of $5 per transcript, payable to JHS. You may submit your request by fax, so long as you indicate on the faxed request that the fee is in the mail. Mail a copy of the request form with your money order.
    You may submit your school's form or the JHS Transcript Request form, so long as ALL the following required information is included:

    1. Full name of the student at the time of graduation
    2. Date of birth of the student
    3. School of graduation/last high school attended in our district
    4. Date of graduation, if available (only if student indicated this; please do not guess)\


    Frequently Asked Questions

    • When will I receive my transcript/education verification?
      We attempt to process all requests within 5 business days (approximately 1 week) of receiving them. It may be sooner or a bit longer depending on the volume of requests. To check status of your transcript request, call 650-992-7785 or email mvilla@juhsd.net.    
    • How can I request a RUSH transcript?
      JHS processes transcripts on a first-come, first-served basis. Please place a transcript request as described above. Once your request has been submitted in writing, call 650-550-7785 or email mvilla@juhsd.net to inform us of your situation. We will do our best to meet your needs.  
    • How do I get a copy of my diploma?
      JHS is unable to replace diplomas or provide copies of diplomas. Your legal proof of graduation is your official high school transcript. If your school or employer is reluctant to accept an official high school transcript as proof of graduation, we will be happy to write a letter verifying your graduation and asking them to accept the transcript in lieu of diploma.   
    • How do I get a copy of my immunization records?
      Depending on your year of graduation, your immunization records may be on your transcript. Please request a copy of your transcript.    
    • How do I get a copy of my IEP/504?
      Special Education records are generally kept on file until the student reaches 22 years of age. For inquiries about special education records, please contact Ms. Beltran, Student Services Specialist, at 650-550-7945.    
    • I never picked up my diploma. Can I get it now?
      If you are a graduate of the most recent graduating class, please contact Marcia Villarreal at 650-550-7785. If you graduated prior to the most recent school year, please fill out a Transcript Request. Under "Number of Transcripts Requested," check "Other" and write "Pick Up Diploma."
    • How do I get a grant form (such as Cal Grant GPA Verification Form or Academic Competitiveness Grant Form) filled out?
      Fill out a Transcript Request form. Under "Number of Transcripts Requested," check "Other," and write "Cal Grant Form"/ "ACG Form"/etc. Attach your form, with your portion completed and signed if required, and submit to the Registrar's Office Office. There is no fee for grant forms.

      Note about mailing Cal Grant GPA Verification Forms: The California Student Aid Commission recommends that you get a certificate of mailing when you mail your Cal Grant GPA Verification. Therefore, JHS recommends that you pick up your completed form and mail it yourself, rather than having us mail it directly.
    • Can I pay by credit card?
      We cannot accept credit/debit cards at this time. If you wish to fax your request, please write a note on your faxed Transcript Request from that indicates how you plan to make payment. See "JHS Alumni and Former Students" section above for instructions.
    • I don't need a transcript, just some information. Can you give it to me over the phone?
      JHS requires signature authorization of the student before releasing any student records information. Please follow the steps for requesting your transcript, above, but include a note asking us to call you with your desired information when your request is processed.



    Helpful Hints/Reminders

    • All transcript requests must be made in writing, and must include the signature of the student.(or signature of parent/guardian if the student is under 18 years of age)
    • Remember to include your name at the time of attendance. Think back...
      • Did you go by an English name in addition to or instead of your birth name?
      • Did you use a nickname?
      • Did you have a maiden name?
      • Did you use a double last name?
    • Let us know if you attended any alternative programs within our District such as Thornton, CEEP, Independent Study, GED Prep and/or Adult Education.
    • Double check that you've provided us with your correct date of birth.
    • Make sure to provide us with a way to contact you if we have questions. A valid daytime phone number and/or email address can be essential to completing your request!