9th Grade Placement

  • North County Mathematics Consortium

    (Bayshore, Brisbane, Jefferson Elementary, Pacifica, and Jefferson Union High School) 

    Eighth grade students will need to have the following for initial placement into Math Course 2:

    a)     A seventh grade Math Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment of Standards Exceeded

    b)     An eighth grade Math Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment of Standards Exceeded

    A third locally decided metric is used if the student is "in the bubble."  All other students will be placed in Mathematics Course 1 in ninth grade.

    Note: This placement protocol uses the available predictive data from seventh and eighth grade that has historically provided the best correlation to later success in mathematics. The placement process is based on the understanding that the Mathematics Course 1 through Course 3 sequence will put students on a college and career pathway and will offer them later avenues to such advanced courses as calculus.

    Within the first month of the school year, mathematics course placements shall be individually reevaluated, using a valid and reliable assessment such as the readiness tests of the University of California's Mathematics Diagnosis Testing Project (MDTP) to ensure placement in the most rigorous mathematics course for which the student has the potential for success. 

    Criteria for reevaluating each student's placement shall include, but are not limited to, course preassessment results, attendance, and student performance in the first month of the school year as determined by teacher observation and grades on assignments and tests. Student and parent/guardian request for course placement may also be considered.

Math Placement Criteria

Documents & Resources

  • Math Placement Parent Waiver
  • Math Sequence
  • Integrated Math Pathway