• Learn to design, mold, and fire up your creation!

      Session 1: August 10, 2022 - October 5, 2022

      Session 2: October 12,2022 - December 14, 2022

      In-Person Class: Wednesdays only 

      Time: 6:00-9:00 pm

      Location: Westmoor High School, Room 610,131 Westmoor Avenue, Daly City

      Cost: $70.00 + $15 for materials

      Instructor: S. Shegoian


    • Learn to read, write, and speak Spanish

      Date: Fall Semester begins Tuesday, September 6,2022

      In-Person Class: Mondays only 

      Time: 6:00-8:00 pm

      Location: Jefferson High School, Room A201, 6996 Mission Street, Daly City

      Cost: $65.00 for a 12-week session.

      Instructor: J. Reafleng


    • About the class: 
      Woodskills is an Adult School class for people of all experience and skill levels. For those who are beginners, the class offers complete instruction in all aspects of woodworking. For those who are intermediate or advanced woodworkers, the class offers a fully-equipped shop in which to work independently or under the guidance of the instructor. The instructor, John Lavine, has more than 40 years of woodworking experience and has taught students of all ages from teens to adults. The class is held in the brand new woodshop on the Westmoor High School campus."
      *Session 1, August 8-October 5, 2022
      *Session 2, October 12-December 14, 2022
      Room T601 & T609 at Westmoor High School (131 Westmoor Ave, Daly City, CA 94015)
      • It's adjacent to the new theater. It is at the far end of the main parking lot when you enter the campus through the yellow gate and go up the hill. Facing the new theater, you pass through the green gate to the left of the theater and cross the courtyard to the double-doorbed entrance to the woodshop.
      In-Person Class: Wednesdays only
      Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
      Cost: $85
      Instructor: Lavine