• 2022- 2023 Remote Independent Study Program

    In 2022-23, JUHSD will continue to offer a Remote Independent Study option. This program will be housed at Thornton High School and students who choose to participate in this program will be transferred to Thornton. Students who do not make adequate progress after a series of interventions will be asked to return to in-person instruction at Thornton High School.

    Prior to selection and approval of RIS for students with disabilities under IDEA, an IEP meeting must be held to review and develop an IEP addendum.  Each student’s IEP will have to reflect team approval before the student can be eligible. Students with IEP approved for Remote Independent Study will remain enrolled in the Home School and will not be transferred to Thornton High School.



    1. Parent/Guardian submits an RIS Interest Google Form

    2. Parent/Guardian attends the virtual Group Intake Meeting held by Thornton staff

    3. If the parent/guardian chooses to enroll the student in the program then a Written Master Agreement Form must be initiated by the parent/guardian.



    Enrollment in the program occurs every four weeks



    Application Deadline

    Group Intake Meeting

    Start Date

    Window #1

    August 12

    August 17

    August 22

    Window #2

    September 2

    September 7

    September 12

    Window #3

    September 29

    October 5

    October 10



    • Students will be utilizing curriculum from Edgenuity

    • A-G courses are available