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    Jefferson Union High School District – District Office & Adult Education Campus Project Flyer

    This project includes a new District Office and Adult School for JUHSD, to be built on district land adjacent to Westmoor High School in Daly City, formerly known as Westmoor Park.

    The new two-level, 30,000-square-foot District Office offers new facilities for the district departments of Business Services, Education & Special Education Services, Tech / IT, HR and general support services, and can house over 60 professionals. It will also provide new training facilities for teachers and staff from throughout the district and a Boardroom for community meetings. 

    The new two-level 38,000-square-foot Adult Education classroom building features 15 standard and 2 large Adult Education classrooms, 4 classrooms and breakout spaces dedicated to Adult Transitional Education, Administration spaces (lobby, reception, office and staff lounge), associated support spaces, and a 2,600-square-foot multipurpose room for meetings and physical activity.


    Why are we moving the JUHSD programs from the old Serramonte High School?

    • Existing facility have outlived their useful life
    • Maintenance and operations costs are expensive due to its inefficient design
    • It would cost more to renovate than to build new facilities
    • The District Office and Adult Education programs are not located near any of the existing school sites
    • Students in our Adult Education Programs have unique issues that are not adequately served in the Serramonte Del Rey facility.

    Which programs are moving?

    • JUHSD District Offices
    • Adult Education
    • Adult Transition Programs for students in the special education program

    What are the benefits of the new location?

    • Creates an Education Civic Center that is a convenient location for parents and staff 
    • Creates a separate facility for Adult Education that can better meet the needs of the students and community
    • Our feeder district, Jefferson Elementary School District, is located across the street, and creates opportunities for staff to easily collaborate.
    • Designed to meet the needs of the district
    • Located near public transportation

    How can the school district build on a city park?

    • The city had an agreement to use the land, which belongs to the school district
    • On May 1, 2018 the city ceased to manage this space as a park and turned the land back over to the district

    Will the public lose access to the space?

    • A portion of the property will be publicly accessible and will include greenspace, children’s playground, and co-use of the basketball court, as well as a walking path with seating areas

     site plan

    Will there be any loss of trees?

    • 6 trees are scheduled for removal but 68 trees will be planted

    What are the community benefits?

    • Improved maintenance of the outdoor spaces
    • New playground
    • Access to community adult school classes in improved facilities
    • Availability of rental spaces for community gatherings
    • Electric vehicle charging stations

    Will this new development impact parking in the neighborhood?

    • No, there will be ample parking provided on site for employees, visitors and students

    What is the timeline for this project?

    • If all goes well, construction is scheduled to begin in summer 2022 and finish up around December of 2023