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Athletics & Clubs When can clubs and other extra curricular activities resume? The Board has approved a MOU to allow clubs to resume. Each program leader is working with their site administrator to determine how and when their activity can resume.
Athletics & Clubs Will spectators be allowed at sports events? San Mateo County has issued guidance that no more than four people per athlete can participate as spectators. We are working on how to monitor this, including developing a ticketing process. We will provide updates as possible.
Educational Services How will this return to school plan help those who are failing or have mental health issues? We believe that going to school will benefits students' mental health by providing needed contact with peers and staff. We feel that getting back on campus to a more normal routine will be a positive experience and will prepare students for the Fall semester.
Educational Services What’s the point of being in the same room as your teachers and classmates when you have to interact with them via zoom? We believe that going to school will benefits students' mental health by providing needed contact with peers and staff. We feel that getting back on campus to a more normal routine will be a positive experience and will prepare them for the fall.
Educational Services What will happen if one of my teachers gets sick? Do I skip that class and attend my other classes? Traditional protocols will be followed and substitute teachers, as available, will be assigned to classes. You should attend your class as normal, and will be counted absent if you do not attend.
Educational Services How will classes like PE operate? Each school will decide how to best serve their students. Students will not change for PE as they have in the past. Lockers will not be available.
Educational Services How will schools be able to handle students and teachers using Zoom and other online curriculum at the same time? This is a common model implemented throughout the U.S., and while it will take some adjustment, we feel that it provides the best educational option at this time.
Food Services Where can we find food? Food is distributed twice a week for children under 18. We also have compiled a list of local food distribution locations, including food banks. Please visit this link to learn more:
Other What about graduation? Graduation may take place in person in some way. We are currently working within state and local guidelines to determine what is possible.
Return to Campus in Hybrid Instruction What if the students do not want to come back? Students who do not want to return to campus will remain in 100% virtual learning with their same teachers.
Return to Campus in Hybrid Instruction What is the timeline for going back? We have dates in mind, but are still working them out. We are hoping that staff will return within the next month.
Return to Campus in Hybrid Instruction Can parents change their mind after selecting in-person learning? After four weeks, families can opt in to in-person learning, or return to distance learning. Unless there is a new health issue or concern, the District and site leaders will not approve any change requests during other times. If there is a new health issue or concern, site leaders can approve change requests, as long as this can be done within class size limitations.
Return to Campus in Hybrid Instruction Where are we with the hybrid plans? The JUHSD Return to School Committee has been meeting since last spring to determine when we could return in hybrid. We thought we could return in the fall, but the guidelines and directions from local and state officials continued to change. The Return to School Committee met again, and updated the plan based on current guidance. This plan was presented to the Board on March 16. The Board gave guidance to move forward with a model Hybrid Plan. The District is negotiating this plan with the unio
Return to Campus in Hybrid Instruction When will parents find out what cohort their child is in, and on what day? Parents have until 4 pm on March 24 to RSVP for in-person instruction. Once we have the final number of students who will participate in on-campus learining, we will determine which cohorts children are in, and then assign days.
Return to Campus in Hybrid Instruction What if a student has to quarantine? They can log on as if they were in the distance learning group.
Return to Campus in Hybrid Instruction Will students in hybrid model need to bring their own devices to class? Students who have been assigned a District Chromebook will be expected to bring that Chromebook to school. At the time of their transition into Hybrid, students who have not yet been assigned a District Chromebook will be assigned one by their teacher/school.
Safeguards & Safeguard Enforcement Have we done anything specific to address ventilation issues? We have taken a number of steps to address ventilation issues. First, all of the filters on all of our HVAC systems have been switched to hospital grade MERV 13 which can filter viruses out of the air. Second, the dampers on each and every unit have been opened to their full capacity, maximizing the amount of air from the outdoors that is brought indoors. Third, we have had all HVAC units inspected to ensure that they are fully functioning. Fourth, we have gone room by room to make sure that eac
Safeguards & Safeguard Enforcement What specific safety protocol will be in place for student transportation on district vehicles including directives on what to do when there is non-compliance. We are working with transportation staff to outline the specific protocols for student transportation. This will include requiring face coverings and limiting the number of passengers. Once finalized these protocols will be shared with all students taking school transportation and their parents. As with other non-compliance, students that do not follow the rules will be addressed through progressive discipline and/or through their IEP.
Safeguards & Safeguard Enforcement Will all staff and students be required to undergo COVID-19 testing? All Employees working on campus should complete COVID Testing weekly. Currently, community testing will be offered to students.
Safeguards & Safeguard Enforcement Is there any information about performing on instruments or singing in the classroom? Outdoor singing and band practice are permitted, provided that precautions such as physical distancing and mask wearing are implemented to the maximum extent possible. Playing of wind instruments (any instrument played by the mouth, such as a trumpet or clarinet) is strongly discouraged. School officials, staff, parents, and students should be aware of the increased likelihood for transmission from exhaled droplets during singing and band practice, and physical distancing beyond six feet is stro
Safeguards & Safeguard Enforcement Will students be vaccinated before returning to school? It is likely that only students with essential jobs will be vaccinated when in-person instruction resumes.
Safeguards & Safeguard Enforcement Will students be allowed to eat or drink water in the classroom? Students will not be allowed to eat or drink water in the classroom. Schools will provide water bottles for those students who do not bring their own water. Water will need to be consumed outside of the classroom.
Safeguards & Safeguard Enforcement Will there be available COVID-19 testing for students? Currently, community testing is being offered to students and their family members. Free testing is available at various sites, and can be found at
Safeguards & Safeguard Enforcement How will rules (i.e cellphones in hallways, no congregating, and proper masks) be enforced? Parents have already agreed to our JUHSD discipline standards. When they agree to return, parents and students are agreeing to our safety protocols. Administration will follow protocols with regards to progressive discipline. These protocols always begin with a conversation to learn why the student isn't following the guidelines.
Safeguards & Safeguard Enforcement When will school site plans be posted online? The proposal was finalized with the District Office on 3/24. It will be presented to the county on Friday. Barring any sort of changes during the review process, it will be posted by April 2, 2021. Of course, this date will change if the county requests significant changes.
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