• JUHSD Wellness Counselor Availability 


    We are DELIGHTED to be back in person with our students! Being physically away was hard on all of us, especially our young people. Under “normal” circumstances, adolescents often have occasional struggles with their mental health, and now we are all dealing with the additional stressors of the COVID Pandemic, climate change and political complexities. JUHSD Wellness Services are a source of support for issues of sadness, anxiety, loneliness, academic stress, relationship struggles, and other concerns not requiring medical intervention.

    • Wellness Counselor appointments are available for students and parents/guardians during school hours or by appointment. Please follow the schedule and instructions in the "How to make an appointment" section below for making appointments.

      • It is important for students and their families to understand that while the District takes student confidentiality very seriously, we can not guarantee 100% confidentiality in our use of telehealth counseling meetings as the internet and telephone are susceptible to outside interference. 

      If this is a mental health emergency, contact the following resources immediately: 

      • 911 or visit your nearest hospital emergency room if you can get there safely 
      • Crisis Text Line: text "home" to 741-741
      • National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
      • StarVista Crisis Hotline: 650-579-0350
      • Trevor Project (for LGBTQ youth): 1-866-488-7386 or text START to 67867


    School/ Site

    Wellness/ School Social Workers 

    How to Make an Appointment

    District Office

    Melissa Ambrose (she/her/hers), LCSW (#60254); JUHSD Wellness Coordinator

    • Email: mambrose@jeffersonunion.net
    • Office: (650)550-7863
    • Voice or text messages: (415) 498-0231


    Vince Adraneda (he/him/his) MSW; Wellness Counselor


    Marcela Ardema (she/her/ella), LCSW (#82772); School Social Worker


    Yvette Yambao (she/her/siya), LCSW (#29741)/PPS; Wellness Counselor


    Harpreet Sangha (she/her/hers), ASW (#98074); Wellness Counselor


    Michelle Fortunado-Kewin (she/her/siya/they), LCSW (#28843); School Social Worker


    Karla Talkoff (she/her/hers), LMFT (#33637); Wellness Counselor/School Counselor


    Ki Gaines (she/her/hers), LPCC (#5217)/PPS; School Social Worker

    Terra Nova 

    Cielo Calpotura-Wagner (she/her/hers), APCC (#2410)/PPS; Wellness Counselor


    Phrani Diksa (she/her/hers), LCSW (#27682)/PPS; School Social Worker


    Sarah English (she/her/hers), MA; Wellness Counselor


    Michael Fung (he/him/his), MA/PPS; Wellness Counselor

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