• Industrial Arts

    Mr. Lavine

    Wood Technology 1

    Grade Level: 9th-12th

    Offering a variety of exploratory experiences in cabinet making, wood fishing and turning, students learn the correct and safe usage of tools, machines, materials, and processes. Emphasis is placed on good design and craftsmanship; classroom instruction includes both general and technical information while career pathways are also explored.


    Wood Technology 2

    Grade Level: 10th-12th

    Prerequisites: “C” or higher in Wood Technology 1

    Building on the skills mastered in Wood Technology 1, students use new tools, machines and specialized techniques to refine techniques in wood working. The curriculum provides students opportunities to pursue experimentation research and product development. Sub areas will be covered and students are allowed to select areas of study. Accuracy, neatness and safe work habits are stressed. Career guidance and opportunities are presented.


    Wood Technology 3/4

    Grade Level: 12th

    Prerequisites :”C” or higher in Wood Technology 2/3

    Curriculum extends previously acquired knowledge and skills through individual, group and production activities concentrated on one or more selected sub areas. New industrial techniques are introduced and efficient utilization of time and methods of obtaining accuracy are studied and applied. Students will learn to operate and maintain sophisticated machines and equipment; and as such, safety instructions are integrated into all phases of the program.


    Introduction to Technology & Engineering

    In this fast-paced course students are introduced to technology and engineering through hands-on lessons and experiences. Students learn and master skill sets in areas of technological investigation including aeronautics, computerized numerical controls, design drafting, electricity, electronics, fiber optics, mechanics