WHS Business Deptartment

    We here at Westmoor High School, encourages each and every student for the essential information on starting a business independently and information of each class' purpose.


    Graduation Requirements: 10 credits of Career Technical Education (CTE)


       College and Career


    The College and Career Exploration is a one semester course designed to enable Freshmen a comprehensive overview of college and career options that will help students make decisions about academic plans, college and career. Students will demonstrate their understanding of career paths through a variety of assessments, projects, job simulations, speeches and research assignments. Students will be able to gain the knowledge and confidence necessary for making future college and career decisions.

    Grade Level: 9 (1 semester)

       Exploring Computer Sciences

    Students will identify and discuss the software and hardware components of a computer system. They will learn how to think algorithmically, design, implement, and debug computer solutions to small scale problems. They will learn the breadth of the field of computer science.

    Computer Science

    Grade Level: 10-12



    Students will learn financial and managerial accounting as it pertains to corporations with special emphasis on the accounting cycle, preparing financial statements and reports, analyzing results, and making sound business decisions. This course is part of the Finance and Business Industry Sector.

    *Prerequisites: Algebra 1 with C or better

    Grade Level: 10-12 UC/CSU-G approved

       Advanced Accounting

    This course continues and expands upon the concepts learned in Accounting 1 to include principles and procedures for a business organized as a corporation. Students learn accounting for uncollectible accounts, inventory, notes, accrued revenue and expenses, and dividends. Some automated accounting concepts are learned as well.

    Advanced accounting

    Grade Level: 11-12

       Web Development

    Students will learn professional web development using the same software used Adobe Creative Suite (In Design, Dream Weaver, Flash, Photoshop, and Fireworks). Students will also be responsible for maintaining Westmoor High School’s website. To learn how to code is not divided by gender, girls are also being taught how to code and is welcome to everyone.

    *Prerequisites: Exploring Computer Sciences. Also Algebra 1 with C or better.

    Grade Level: 10-12

       Personal Finance

    Curriculum is built around an engaging computer simulation where students will participate in fun and interactive activities. Topics such as budgeting, savings, investments and credit are covered that stress the importance of setting financial goals and how to reach them.

    Personal Financing

    Grade Level: 10-12


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