•  cabarle

    Terri Cabarle

    Subjects: Fashion Design 1, Fashion Design 1 and 2

    Email: tcabar@juhsd.net


    Dave Dyssegard

    Subjects: Auto Tech 1, Auto Tech 1-2

    Email: ddysse@juhsd.net


    Andrew Hambre

    Subjects: College and Career Exploration

    Email: ahambre@juhsd.net


    John Lavine

    Subjects: Woodtech 1 CP, Woodtech 1 & 2, Woodtech 1 & 3, Intro to Eng Design

    Email: jlavine@juhsd.net


    Ben Pham

    Subjects: College and Career Exploration, Accounting 1 & 2, Personal Finance

    Email: bpham@juhsd.net


    Michael Simon

    Subjects: Student Gov, Web Development, Exploring Computer Science, Coordinator/TOSA

    Email: msimon@juhsd.net