• New Law (SB 277) Effective in 2016

    Governor Brown signed Senate Bill (SB) 277 on June 30, 2015. SB 277 changes immunization requirements for children entering child care or school. 

    Starting January 1, 2016:

    • Parents or guardians of students in any school or child-care facility, whether public or private, will no longer be allowed to submit a personal beliefs exemption to a currently-required vaccine.

    • Students will no longer be required to have immunizations for entry if they attend:

      •   A home-based private school or
      •  An independent study program with no classroom-based instruction.

    However, parents or guardians must continue to provide immunization records for these students to their schools, and schools must continue to maintain and report records of immunizations that have been received for these students.  

    • Students who have an individualized education program (IEP) should continue to receive all necessary services identified in their IEP regardless of their vaccination status.

    • Medical and personal beliefs exemptions will be allowed for any immunization requirement against additional diseases initiated by CDPH for attendance at school or child care

    For information on medical exemptions, please see our SB277 FAQs section on medical exemptions