• Medication Administration In School Settings

    Jefferson Union High School District has policies and procedures to address medication administration in accordance with federal and state laws and guidelines, and the California Eduction Code. A significant and growing number of students have health conditions that require the administration of medication during the school day. There are several reasons why students might require medication in schools, including: (1) chronic conditions requiring medication in order to benefit from classroom instruction (2) acute, but temporary, medical need that require semidivine during the shool day; or (3) conditions that might require emergency medication, such as an EPI-pen for a bee sting or food allergy.

    According to the California Legal Statues and Regulations on Administration of Medication in the School Setting (94922-94923), medication is defined as follows: "Medication" may include not only a substance dispensed in the United States by prescription, but also a substance that does not require a prescription, such as over-the-counter medications, remedies, nutritional supplements, and herbal remedies. 

     If your student requires medication during the school day, please review, and sign the following documents:










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    California Code of Regulations Title V, Article 4.1: Administering Medication to Students or Otherwise Assisting Students in the Administration of Medication During the Regular School Day. http://www.cde.ca.gov./ls/he/hn/documents/medadvisory.pdf

    Medication may be administered at school by the school nurse, other duly qualified supervisors of health, site administrator or designee as allowed by law, the parent of guardian of their designee as allowed by law or LEA policy, a contracted licensed health care professional whose licensure permits administration of medication, or by the student under specified conditions. Unlicensed school personnel designated by the site administrator administer medication if: a. The licensed staff member is willing to perform medication administration; b.The unlicensed school staff members trained and determined to be capable and competent to be able to safely and accurately administered the medication by a licensed health care professional, who is legally authorized to provide such training and determine competence; c.The unlicensed staff member performing medication administration is supervised by the licensed health care professional who provided the training, and the supervision, review, and monitoring of the medication administration is documented.