• In order to complete enrollment, and attend classes, students must have the following immunizations as required by the California Department of Education and California State Law. 




    3 DOSES           (over a 6 month period)

    MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) 
    Please note: both Mumps and Rubella are required if given on or after 1st birthday. 

    2 DOSES          



    4 DOSE MIN.  (3 dose ok if it was given on or after 4th birthday)


    Tdap/DTaP/DTP/Td (Tetanus)


    Tdap/DTaP/DPT/Td (Tetanus)-BOOSTER

    5 DOSE MIN. (4 dose ok if it was given on or after 4th birthday)                  

                                                                             1 DOSE of pertussis containing vaccine is required (given on OR after 7th birthday)


    VARICELLA (“Chicken Pox”)



    2 DOSES


    For additional information regarding immunization requirements for California Schools.