Student Government

  • Student Activities Director: Ms. Keziah David
    Instagram: @oceanaasb
    Snapchat: @oceanaasb
    Every student is eligible to be a member of the Oceana Associated Student Body Congress. A Shark ASBC sticker can be purchased for $5.00 and provides a discount for school's activities: athletic events, school dances, concerts, and plays.

    The Student Government is comprised of class officers from all grade levels and student body officers elected by the student body at large. Officers are elected for a term of one year; they must have and maintain a 2.0 GPA. Student Government plans and coordinates student activities, with the advice and consent of the Student Activities Director. Activities include prom, class dances, winter ball, harvest fair and spring fair, spirit weeks and rallies, food drives, blood drives, fund raisers, and class competitions.

    ASBC Constitution

    ASB President Chanel Lejano  
    ASB Vice President Kerry Wong  
    ASB Secretary Krystal Zhao  
    ASB Treasurer Leon Zhao  
    Senior President Hei Man Chui  
    Senior Vice President Katie Fishtrom  
    Senior Secretary Kate Halaba  
    Senior Treasurer Jiayi Li  
    Junior President Justin Macutay  
    Junior Vice President Reanne Ocampo  
    Junior Secretary Lanz David Rucel Oblea
    Junior Treasurer MJ Marcelino  
    Sophomore President DJ Stocks  
    Sophomore Vice President Ryann Celarie  
    Sophomore Treasurer Milani Urbina  
    Sophomore Secretary Mark Lagbao  
    Freshman President Arianna Hathorne  
    Freshman Vice President Maya Morrow  
    Freshman Secretary Jordan Yen  
    Freshman Treasurer Saoirse Johnson  
    Rally Commissioner (Senior) Brice Largo  
    Rally Commissioner (Junior) Cassie Serano  
    Rally Commissioner (Sophomore) Ashley Keller Venice Henson
    Rally Commissioner (Freshman) Isabella Garcia  
    Dance Commissioner (Senior) Jadyn Blank Makayla Seagren
    Dance Commissioner (Junior) Alison Luo  
    Dance Commissioner (Sophomore) Devon Monser  
    Dance Commissioner (Freshman) Christian Aguinaldo  
    Public Relations Commissioner (Senior) Pichy Jumpholwong  
    Public Relations Commissioner (Junior) Kailey Villaroman  
    Public Relations Commissioner (Sophomore) Halie Funcion  
    Public Relations Commissioner (Freshman) Bianca David  
    Sports Commissioner (Senior) Keiana Freeman  
    Sports Commissioner (Junior) Roger Chen Jaclyn Lam
    Sports Commissioner (Sophomore)    
    Sports Commissioner (Freshman) Junior King  
    Academic Council Representative (Senior) Sebastian Strawser  
    Academic Council Representative (Junior) Jessica Zhao  
    ASAD Danielle Rozenblyum  
    ASAD Alejandro Pena  
    Social Media Vincent Delgado Madeira Petronis Branch
    Social Media Summer Snyder  
    Resource Commissioner Anthony Tolosa  
    Resource Commissioner Tammy Ha  
    Historian Desiree Seto