Student Transfers

  • Jefferson Union High School District

    Transfer Applications

    Select from the following tables and complete the appropriate transfer Application.



    Within Our District
    External District




    INTRA-District Transfer Form



    Filing Period: March 1 - March 31, 2022    Late Applications will not be accepted    

    For questions and inquiries. Please email Sabina Beltran-Mainieri at

     Notifications of Outcome will be processed and emailed in

    April, 2022


    Transfer from school to school within our district


    Westmoor, Jefferson,Thornton, Terra Nova, Oceana


    INTER-District Transfer Form

    Visit your School District of Residence for a permit release form.




    Transfer from an outside district into our district

    Before submitting this application, you must have the District of Residence approve the release agreement.

    The District of Residence is the district that serves the area where you live.

    Example: S.F., South City, San Mateo, Cabrillo, etc.

    Release approval by the District of Residence does not guarantee or imply transfer approval by the Jefferson Union High School District.

















           - OR -  













    Leaving Our District to Transfer to a school outside of our District.

    Inter-District Permit (release)





    2021-2022 Filing Period: Ongoing

    2022-2023 Transfer requests Open

    (Will require additional approval by the district you wish to enter)





    1. Parent/guardian must complete an Interdistrict Transfer Form from the Home District. Submit the form to the Home          District.
    2. Home District will send JUHSD and parent/guardian the Interdistrict Transfer Release letter.
    3. Once the parent/guardian receives the Release Letter, the parent/guardian must send JUHSD a copy of the transcript      and most current report card.Send withdrawal grades, if available.

                                Transcript/grades should be directed via email, mail or in person to:

    Sabina Beltran-Mainieri
    699 Serramonte Boulevard Suite 100
    Daly City, CA 94015

    4. Within [5-7] working days, JUHSD will mail an acceptance or denial letter to the parent/guardian's home address.

    5. If accepted, parent/guardian will complete an online registration form.  
      • Parent/guardian will need to go to JUHSD website, click and fill out the “Walk-in Registration” link
      • Upload the following documents:
          • CA Driver’s License, CA Identification Card, or Passport of Parent/Guardian
          • JUHSD Acceptance Letter
          • Immunization Record (with TDAP and Tuberculin Test Results) 
     6. Parent/guardian must contact school site’s Vice-Principal of Administration to schedule an appointment for orientation/intake.