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    Polynesian Club. If you ask around the school, most people will say that we are a club that only dances probably because we are infamous for our performances at Island Fiesta and Rally. Coming from someone who is in Polynesian Club, has been for 3 years, I would like to take it for more than face value. It is so much more than just learning dances or performing. We become like family, we share personal thoughts and experiences every meeting to become closer. We create a special bond with each other that no one can break.

    The club learns about Polynesian culture, and try to project this knowledge on to the public. Island Fiesta is an example of one of the ways we try to spread the value of the culture. Some days, we hold study sessions where the leaders of the club teach Polynesian History and Culture for the team to better understand and explain the culture well to others. Some of the things we learn and go into detail about are:

  • Polynesia means "region of many islands"
  • Polynesia comprises a group of central Pacific islands, including the Hawaiian, Rotuma, Samoan, etc.
  • They believed that people possessed magic known as "mana", supernatural power in certain individuals
  • Here at Polynesian Club, we would like to create a family outside of our family, having a comfortable environment leaving you feeling safe and welcome. We encourage you to join our club as we are the friendliest people you know! Polynesian Club is a super fun club that welcomes everyone to learn and dance Polynesian culture!