Science Department


    Welcome to the Science Department,

    The Terra Nova High School Science Department offers a rigorous and high quality science program that provides all students with the necessary knowledge and skills to make them well informed and productive citizens who are technologically and scientifically literate, and college and career ready. With the State’s adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards, the Science Department is collaborating with the other schools in the district in preparing to transition to NGSS. We are beginning to incorporate more Science and Engineering practices in our courses and shifting the focus of the science program from too much emphasis on content to a deeper understanding of key cross cutting concepts and how these concepts work in daily life.  Our science courses include Introduction to Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physiology, AP Environmental Science, and AP Chemistry.

    Marlene Gutierrez

    Department Chair, AP Environmental Science, Chemistry and Physical Science

    Asian Club Advisor



    Perrin Belway

    Biology, Class of 2019 Advisor, California Scholarship Federation Advisor,

    Garden Club Advisor, Students in Action Club Advisor



    Ross Ellison

    AP Chemistry, Chemistry

    Chemistry Club Advisor      



    Ray Mullen

    Introduction to Physical Science, Biology



    Ken Richau

    Biology, Physiology, Introduction to Biological Science

    Harry Potter Club Advisor, Class 2018 Advisor