Those that qualify for CSF maintain - on average a 3.5 GPA each semester. The student has to take specific courses from 3 lists. List I are the core curriculum classes defined in the state frameworks which are academically challenging, contain reading and writing, critical thinking and problem solving skills and lab work. List II are not part of list one but should still cover challenging material, reading and writing and critical thinking problem solving skills. List III are those not listed in list I or II but not P.E., T.A, study hall, repeated courses or pass fail courses.

    Each grade is awarded in the following manner: A=3 GPA, B=1 GPA. Total points have to equal 10 with the first 4 from list I and from list I and II 7 points. C grade = 0 points and if a student receives a D/F they cannot apply to the federation.

    The purpose of this federation is to academically set aside those students that take the more challenging course work throughout the years. This award will be used help the colleges recognize them and set them aside from the general population. These students have challenged their academic environment and achieved grades lacking C/D/F and primarily taking college classes with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

    Each semester the student will reapply for membership. If the student achieves this award for 4 semesters=block; 4 semesters not including the freshman year but including 1 semester from the senior year=life; and 6 semesters or more a star is awarded. They will have special recognition on their transcripts and at graduation.

    The students will be asked to assist in funding by doing various tasks: fund raising and assisting in graduation and occasional meetings. The program is not funded by the state or federal government and all proceeds come from fund raising by the students. The forms will be picked up by the students and returned to Mrs. Belway room 237.

    They will need to attend the meetings to receive the forms. Forms will be returned with the prior semester's transcript which can be either a copy of the report card or a copy from the registrar's office. 9th graders can only apply after they complete their first semester at Terra Nova.