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    Westmoor High School hosts a wide array of student-centered activities throughout the year to provide the student with an outlet to express their Ram pride and unify as a school outside of the classroom. The Associated Student Body, considering student input and ideas, coordinates and hosts these events.

    Westmoor holds three rallies each year during which the school's pride and energy are displayed in a week-long series of spirit days and interclass competitions, all leading up to the Rally at the end of the week. At the Rally, performances, games, and friendly competition bring an end to the weeklong competition. The class that demonstrates the most spirit and activity throughout the week and at the Rally wins.
    Club Fair
    Club Fair is where Westmoor clubs and student groups offer membership opportunities and enrollment to a majority of the students. Students are introduced to the clubs on campus for the first times at Club Fair. The Club Fair succeeds in bolstering student activity on campus through providing students opportunities to explore their interests and passions outside of the traditional classroom. 
    International Foods Day
    Westmoor holds a series of International Foods Days (IFD) to embrace its diverse student body and wide array of student involvement opportunities. At each IFD, Westmoor clubs and student groups have the opportunity to sell foods that expose students to different cultures around the world, as well as to fundraise for themselves and the activities they hold to benefit their members. 
    As Westmoor's annual winter formal dance, Winterball is a unique and formal event during which students showcase the professionalism and formality of Westmoor's culture.
    Student Government/Class Elections
    Beyond a role as activities' coordinators on campus, the Associated Student Body is responsible for encouraging involvement in the student government process, as well. This goal is accomplished through conducting elections for student government and class executive board members. Any Westmoor student in good academic and disciplinary standing may run in the elections and through running must campaign actively. Through a democractic process of selecting by student-submitted ballots, the new leaders of the campus's student leaders are chosen. These new officers serve for one year.
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